100% Luxury Mink*, Silk & Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Get your luxury lash treatment in the comfort of your own home!

Ellia uses the highest quality, premium Eyelash Extensions. They are extremely lightweight, with soft, tapered ends to create a natural, full & fluffy effect that mascara just can’t achieve.

Trained to the highest calibre of Lash Design, Ellia tailors the lash structure to suit your natural lashes own strength and curl to ensure no damage & the perfect comfort fit.

Every client will receive a free Consultation, so whether you’re after Length & Volume or a Natural, born-with-it style, Ellia will give you the Lash Look you want.

Each Mink/Silk/Russian Volume lash is applied directly to a single eyelash giving you a long-lasting, refined, weightless and fluttery finish.

No Mascara, No Hassle. Lasting 2-5 weeks.

Wake up wide-eyed and beautiful.

Now to decide; Silk? Mink? or Russian Volume?

Silk Eyelash Extensions are light weight but slightly thicker and therefore slightly heavier than Mink lash extensions, therefore great for a slightly more dramatic look.  Available in a variety of curls and thickness, silk are a well rounded extension with a natural taper.

Mink Eyelash Extensions are the premium lash extension. They are the most light weight, natural and comfortable lash choice. Super soft and super fluffy. They tend to last slightly longer than Silk lashes and offer glamorous, upscale results. A must-try.

*Cruelty Free Beauty – It is of the utmost importance to Ellia that all of her products cone from ethical providers. Mink Lashes are harvested by gently brushing the Mink fur – it is completely cruelty free, and lashes are sterilised and hypo-allergenic. No added chemicals or dying involved.

Russian Volume Lashes are 2-5 superfine, incredibly light lash extensions in a small fan-form applied to one natural eyelash. The result is super soft, super fluffy & extreme volume. Inevitably, they last longer than classic eyelash extensions due to their light weight. Designed to provide full volume but in the way that it does not damage or overload the natural healthy lashes. This new innovative technique is taking the industry by storm and promising the most stunning results.

Ellia Borgese is a Mobile, Fully Qualified & Certified Makeup Artist & Eyelash Technician based in Bromley and working within the Bromley borough and the surrounding areas.

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